About Me - Mollie

2018 has been dubbed (by me) the year of “connection”. I want to feel connected to you and you connected to me!

SO without further ado … I give you …. Me!

The Ol’ Stomping Grounds

Good old Mollie, lover of her dog Toby (and husband), breakfast tacos, and the phrase “good morning sunshine!”

I grew up in a small town where most of my childhood was spent in dance classes. This is how I met Hannah!

Eventually I traveled across the country to Arizona State University. Do I need to say more, or can you guess what a great time I had based off of the name alone?

After college I was lucky enough to work for this incredible company, lululemon. Ever heard of it? lululemon was the exact opposite of a retail job, they taught me leadership, they pushed me far out of my comfort zone, and truly helped me create my best life. In those 4 years is where I found myself as a fitness instructor and grew to see it as my passion. Those 4 years in general completely shaped my life.

What’s On My Heart Right Here, Right Now

My Best Life. Welcome to the phrase that’s been rolling around my mind for the past few months. You might ask what that means or what that looks like. Can you ever really achieve THIS? Do you ever really want to be there? To me, ‘my best life’ is ALL about connection. This is what I’m spending my year focused on.

I believe in goal setting. Creating goals so big you SHOULD be failing at most of them! If you’re not then you’re not setting your goals high enough. I believe in living in the present (HA … or at least trying to). I believe in family and friends; this is my number 1 and always will be. I believe in my husband (bah so sappy, but so true). I believe in travel and exploring the world but, also really loving where you are presently and making things so fantastic that where you are is enough.

I believe you are enough, right here. Exactly as you are.

Sorry for the tangent … however that’s exactly me. This is exactly how my mind works!

What I’m Creating for The Future

I told you a little bit about my past, but to know me best is to know what I want my future and every day to look like. I want to make a difference. On a big scale yes, but more importantly on a “you” scale. I want to help each and every person I come in contact with find their “best life”, whatever that is! I want to use EDJE to inspire someone, to make you feel heard, to give what I would want to get from a friend.

This may all sound like mumbo jumbo to you, and that’s ok. It sometimes sounds like that to me too. Trying to pull it all together into something tangible is the goal!

In May, my husband and I are making the move to Northern Virginia (our 4th move as a married couple). In every move I find a sense of “beginning”, the start of something new and exciting. I am sprinting into this beginning head first with the mindset of creating this “nonsense” into something impactful and beautiful.

So that’s about me … not sure if it was truly an “about me” or more of a “let’s pet unicorns and talk about our feelings.” I hope you feel more connected to me! I want to learn more about YOU, so shoot us an email and say hey! Or better yet, if you know the Northern Virginia area tell me where to live!



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