Catching Up

The only thing worse than giving up is wishing that you hadn’t. - Rachel Hollis 

As I'm sitting here thinking about how to catch y’all up on these past few months of this amazing journey, I’m listening to Rachel Hollis. Then, she says the quote above … boom! Welcome to my last few months. 

SO much has happened behind the scenes. There's been creating, traveling, meetings, marking, trade shows, branding; but who really wants to hear about that stuff? Yes it’s good to know it goes on, especially if you’re interested in owning your own business - but no one wants to hear that daily. BORING! (P.S. Always feel free to chat with me if you wanna talk business! I answer all Insta DM's and emails :D )

Today, I can finally say I feel like EDJE has found it's rhythm. A flow that is pumping out new high quality product while at the same time creating what’s next and marketing for the current day. So this week I’m good, and I’m not terribly worried. Though, next week is a whole other beast!

The leaps and bounds we have made from six months ago are incredible. 

There are key milestones I have to look at because sometimes, the day to day can be a real buzz kill. The quote above is the perfect reminder on those days, so let it be the perfect reminder for you right here - right now. 

It does not go past me that these milestones are 100% because of you! Because you take the time out of your day to read this blog, to tell me what you want to see in our next shirts, and that you purchase our shirts with your hard earned money. This continues to blow me away each and everyday. I am moved and so grateful for your support. 

Thank you for believing in my dream and our vision at EDJE. Thank you for your support every time you rock that top. Thank you for taking a chance on a small business looking to change the world. 

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Have the greatest day,

Mollie Stauffer

Owner of EDJE Activ


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