Fairy Godmother


Once upon a time

In a faraway land there lived a woman named Greta who believed in me far more than I believed in myself and that made all the difference. 

Have you ever come across a woman or person that made you believe in fairly tails?  Your own personal fairy godmother?  Or grandmother willow?  I have had a couple of these women in my life. 

These women are the rare queens who have traveled through the school of hard knocks and still show up to life every day with a smile and hope for a magical future.  They contain a silent knowing that life is beautiful and that it turns out better than imagined.  A knowing that there will be hard times and disappointment and loss, but there will also be family, joy and laughter.  In my case, her name is Greta.  Greta, is my grandmother willow and I knew it the first time I meet her at the gym at 4 am.   At 80 years old, she still worked a fulltime job and worked out every morning.  She wore all black, but from her face beam a bright radiant smile.  I cannot recall how it started, but a friendship developed before the sun rose over the frosty horizon in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

From the little bit that Greta shared with me about her life, I concluded she was a wonderful wife, mother, baker and person.  Her stories were always brief, but just as any grand spiritual master there was a lesson.  I remember her telling me that you should eat nuts, because “I never came across a sick squirrel” or “my dad used to make me eat one egg a day” She also, told me to never stand with my arms crossed because when GOD came around with blessings, I would be unable to receive them.  Another personal favorite was “Don’t do anything to cause inflammation in your gut.  That’s where your intuition lives.  Trust yourself and listen to your gut.”  

She believed in me.  

I would tell her about goals or plans that I was pursuing and she always offered positive support.  One morning, Greta told me that she thought I would be a wonderful personal trainer.  Little did she know, that I had wrote “become a personal trainer” on my goal list for that year.  Her words were the validation I needed to take the next step.  Before I had completed my personal training certification, Greta predicted the next chapter in my novel when she brought me back a University of Texas Longhorn ball cap from a visit with her son. I appreciated the gestor, but it held little significance for me at the time.  I parked the hat right alongside my Purdue ball cap that I wear when I cook.   It was not until I was packing my things to begin my Culinary School Education in Austin, TX that I made the connection and thought, Greta called it, she knew I was heading to Texas to study culinary fundamentals.  She called it for my sister also, who was recently accepted into the University of Texas Graduate School. 

I sit back, smile and feel so blessed to have been unknowingly guided by this incredible woman.  “Coincidences are GOD’s way of staying anonymous” and I know he sent me a treadmill angel to light a portion of the path and I was chosen to pursue.  I am grateful and honored to have someone who saw the Cinderella in me. 

To all the fairy godmothers out in the world, thank you. 


-Ashley Fussell

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