Goals, Goals, Goals!

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We live in a world that’s media based. No matter how hard we try it’s like...BAM! You are now subjected to these probably false facts. We all have our own way of weeding through the nonsense, so why not share a little directional knowledge where I can?

The Latest Trend - “Healthy”

General media defines you as healthy if you; “eat clean” (a.k.a. lettuce), workout (ok media, I see you pushing this strong thing), and be happy (got ya, happy, on it). So, everyone needs to fall in line, do the exact same thing, and you too will become a robot.

What the media doesn’t tell us is that “healthy” looks different, feels different, and means something different to everyone! In the next series of blogs posts I really want to dive into different types of healthy, and how it applies to your whole being as opposed to one specific thing.

For Me, The Most Important Thing...

...to living a healthy lifestyle would be my mindset – even before I get into nutrition and activity. This mindset? It all starts with Goal Setting.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

All the great things I’ve accomplished (or tried to accomplish) are because they were goals first. There is no right or wrong in setting goals, but I have picked up a few key ingredients that are worth sharing.

First, with lululemon I was trained on “goal coaching” and have picked up some other pieces as well throughout the years. I’ve coached many fitness studios as well as personal clients, each with different paths they’ve followed. So for what it’s worth, here are three components I find key to goal setting!

Three To Remember

1. Be Specific – I’m talking as specific as you can get. For example, you may have a goal like, “I want to run a marathon.” This may seem specific, but it lacks detail. Instead, write down; “On September 1st, 2018 I want to run the Nashville, TN full marathon with a time of 10 hours” (because let’s be real … that how long it would take me). Added detail could even be your full training schedule of how you plan to get there!

2. Tell Everyone and Write It Down – Some may say this is two things … I’m calling it one. Write it down! Write all your goals down and hang them up where they are visible to you on a daily basis. Then tell everyone!

3. Fail, Fail, Fail, Relentlessly! – Ok … what? Fail? This must be crap  I’m assuming that’s what most of you are thinking. However, to you I say, don’t you believe in yourself? First off, if you’re not failing then you’re not setting your goals high enough! Second, failing just means you got outside of your comfort zone and tried something new. The more you fail the more you will end up succeeding at something great.

Keep Failing Until You Are Proud

Take this information for what it is to you. Push yourself into thinking about all the amazing things you can accomplish. Once you’re there and feel good in your skin, let’s move on to other parts of a healthy lifestyle!



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