If You Like Piña Coladas...

Let me start off by saying, I do not know how to put the words into this post. Not because this is hard to write, quite the opposite. It’s because I want to write everything I can to express how important this is to me (Mollie)!

Question for you; why do you take time out of your day to go to a CERTAIN fitness studio? Besides the obvious fact that it’s good for you, you like the workout, and all that jazz? I can’t speak exactly for you, but for me, it’s because of the community. Going back to the same studio time and time again is almost equally for the community as it is for the workout itself.

My Happy Place

I want to tell you about my community, my sanctuary, the place where I feel more involved, excited, and genuinely happy than anywhere I can remember!

I teach and manage at Pure Barre Cedar Park and Pure Barre Round Rock just outside the Austin city limits (Austin, Texas - incase you were thinking of Austin Kentucky …)

This is where I get lost for words. This is where I want to scream “I LOVE THESE STUDIOS” but more importantly, “I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN THESE STUDIOS!” I want to do it in all caps and I want you to hear me all the way in Austin, Kentucky.

I can’t lie, I’ve worked at a few different studios and each one has left me so in love. It all comes back to finding THAT studio, which ever it is for you! I have taught different methods of fitness and each one I chose a studio that brought life to its clients!

The People Who Keep Us Going

Yes, Pure Barre is hard, yes, it is good for you and your health. But also YES the community here is like drinking an iced cold piña colada in Hawaii where it’s a breezy 85 degrees. It is unlike anything I have had the privilege of experiencing. The staff that I work with are incredible people who love every client who walks through those doors and give themselves fully to every class they teach. More importantly; they pour their hearts into every ounce of that studio day and night.

The clients … oh do I love these clients. A very unique dynamic happens when a new client walks through those doors. The teacher no longer has to say a word. Our regular clients swoop in, grab them by the hand and let them know they are in for much more than just a workout. These people are like all the benefits of a drug. They bring you in quickly, love you immediately, and make you want to be with them always. All you ladies reading this right now, YOU ARE SO LOVED!!! It will be so hard having to leave here in a few months … (but that is for another blog post :-P).

Your Connection

Everyone has that something that makes them get up and go to their favorite studio. More often than not, the reason will be the people they meet and the community they’ve joined! Every fitness method has that something! Whether it’s in a studio, at home, or via online, you can have that connection.

What I’m trying to say here is, go find yourself a studio like this NOW. Seriously, right now, walk out that door and hunt for it! Because I promise once you find it, you will be having piña coladas every. single. day.


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  • WE LOVE YOU. thanks for being that reason to get up and push myself. ??? Love our tribe.

    Shelly Moyers

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