Hello Summer

As I sit here ready to write this blog I’ve got a million different things in my head that I want to say.


This never happens.


 Normally I’m grasping for thoughts, nothing seems exciting enough to write about, or I think; “no one would be interested in that.” Well friends, you’re in luck! Because life happens to be rather adventurous right now.


‘Transition’ is the word I settled on after trying to bring all my thoughts together. I moved, again. In fact, I’m still technically moving. We’re talking a two-month process (though, it has been incredible I will admit). Additionally, I have transitioned into EDJE full time! It’s amazing how you end up doing exactly what you love to do <3. Last, my family is moving for the first time out of my childhood home. The home that I have spent 29 years of my life knowing <- is it crazy that this is the hardest of them all?


Mollie Moves

I’ve done this before, six times in fact including now. Is it fun? No. Is it hard? Yes. Is it so exciting? Absolutely. I firmly believe you end up where you are suppose to end up so I always get excited to see what these new experiences will be. With this move I have been lucky enough to be able to take time off, go to the beach, and spend time with family. It has been INCREDIBLE. I can’t believe I actually felt guilty instead of excited for this break at first but, that confession is for another blog post. So all that being said, I’m writing this from Cape Cod, soon we’re headed to Connecticut, and about mid July we will finally end up where we are suppose to be in Virginia.


EDJE Moves

Y’all, this is my favorite of all the transitions happening. Finally belly flopping into all things EDJE Activ! Literally belly flopping, because I am learning as I go. But the enthusiasm is there! There are a MILLION moving parts, a million, and juggling all those on my own … quite near impossible so I have found. So to all those in my life, thank you for all your help. Seriously, thank you. We’re making a big move and heading to Active Collective – the largest activewear tradeshow in the US! I have just recently switched my mindset from “this better f-ing work out” to “this is exactly what we need and it’s going to be huge for us”. So I’m pretty excited right now.


Family Moves

I won’t bore you with all the details. In a nutshell, my parents are moving out of the house I grew up in. I was born the day they moved into that house. I clearly don’t live there anymore and I’ve started my own family (Christian and Toby <3) but I can’t help but feel sad. Not devastated, slightly excited for this new adventure for my parents, just sort of a longing feeling. It’s cathartic to write things out – and since I’ve been sharing my life with my EDJE Squad community, thanks for listening!


Transition is hard, always. However, it almost always brings something brighter. It’s a chance to experience something new and that’s the only way we grow. So bring on these next few months, and bring on a small brown paper bag for me to occasionally hyperventilate into :).

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  • Molly,

    We are so excited and happy to have you here in NOVA. You are so full of good energy, thank you for sharing it in each and every Barre class. (even if it is 6am)

    Sharon Ricciardi

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